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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  April 9, 2017 11:45pm-12:00am EDT

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tonight on sports sunday. after a record setting offensive explosion last night, the phillys with another big clutch hit today to save another meltdown in the bull pen. >> and the phillies will walk it off. >> we're to the going to quit. it's a fun team to watch. >> plus who will be saving flyers games next season? with the flyers heading home, will steve mason be heading elsewhere. and should the eagles get their hand on richard sherman and break up the legion of boom? like masters, sports sunday goes to sudden death overtime, now. >> this is action news sports
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sunday. sponsored by audi. ♪ >> well, well, well. who thought 500 baseball would be this exciting? welcome to sports sunday. i'm jeff skversky with mike missanelli from 97.5, the 235 that -- phanatic. the phillies tied for first. are they for real? >> it's in the season now. first place. >> playoffs tomorrow. >> with all due respect, i don't think they're for real. >> what a buzz kill. >> you expect me to say they're going to win the division after this weekend? they did a nice job. beat a very good team and probably should have swept them. they've got some, you know, bull pen situations were going on right now, which we'll talk about in a second. but, no, they're not potent enough to win a division yet. >> i want to believe. i want to believe. villanova coach jay wright, he wants to see the phillies score
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more runs on the nationals today. >> what's that about? >> i don't know where he got that jersey from. kendrick, the rbi triple. 27 runs over the last 21 innings. kendrick, killing the ball. speaking of killing the ball. up 3-0, gomez, gives up the three-run pinch hit homer. ties it at three. phills are considering taking gomez out of the closer role for good. but thank goodness, two on, two out, hernandez, phillies win 4-3. the walkoff winner. here you go. first series win at home over the nats in two years. now, after the game, manager pete mccann nonsays he is considering removing gomez from the closer's role. would you do this? would you do this? >> a heart beat. i think the decision has been made. i think that that's what he was telling the press. >> what do you go to? >> benoit. >> over naris?
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>> he has a niche in the eighth. a closer role, wouldn't be as successful. they have made that mistake before. i think he stays there, and benoit has been a closer in the past. he's got 95 mile an hour stuff. you need a strike out pitcher. gomez was not a strike out pitcher. got away with him last year. can't have guys make contact. that was a 2-0 pitch to zimmerman. a cookie. >> he was squeezed on other pitches today. i go hector naris, the second most strike outs by a phillies reliever. knows how to strike out guys. since last september, gomez has an 18era. but 37 saves last year, among the most in the league. they will make the decision tomorrow. >> we'll see where we're going to go. we're going to discuss it. not something you want to think about, but we have to be practical and do what's best for the team. we'll see. we'll know tomorrow. >> yes, we will.
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i'm going with hector and you're going with joaquin benoit. >> yes. he's the veteran. >> the phillies have to figure out the closer role. and how much longer saving money? the gm reiterating this week they will take on big contracts when this team is ready. maybe this winter. maybe the following offseason. one big name that was here this weekend, bryce harper, mike. he will be a free agent in two years. now, harper says how about this, mike? love coming in playing in this park in philly. jason doesn't rule out. >> i don't need jason worth. too old. but i need that guy. and i would pay him $35 million a year. >> bryce harper. >> that's the break the bank contract. that will be the biggest contract. and the phillies have the money to do it. >> but why would the nationals let him go? >> well, wouldn't let him go. just a matter of a change of
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scenariory. would they be willing to pay him $35 million a year? the phillys are in the best financial shape of any team. they can outbid whatever washington wants to do. washington allowed teams to outbid them on players in the past. i just want the guy. you know? a left-handed bat in that park? you know, he can be a little bit of a punk. but take bryce harper in a heart beat. >> speaking of changing jerseys. howard with the atlantic braves. >> people fired up about it. >> ? >> probably never back to the big leagues. the atlanta braves, they stink. why worried about them? >> brian howard is a good guy. nice if we could have a few years left in the big leagues. he believes he can play. the flyers season is over for the third time in five years. no playoffs. if you're running this team, your first order of business tomorrow is what? >> i let all these restricted free agents walk. they have, first of all. they have got to completely refigure what they're going to
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do, jeff. i think they need to make a big trade as well. i think the guy like simmons, he makes a lot of money. and he's a very unproductive player. numbers declined. but they have to bring back young talent. if hexall needs to shake up the team and go through another process with the flyers like the sixers went through. >> giroux, only 14 goals fewest in his career. finale, down one, how about weeks, second of the game. tied at two. just over a minute later, wayne simmons. team-leading 31st. could he be the captain next year. flyers take the lead, but carolina comes back to tie. shootout. brock again, scored twice in regulation, scored again on the goalies. flyers lose 4-3. eight fewer points all of last year and two fewer wins.
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>> very frustrating. some games during the year we had a lot of confidence during the game and did a lot of good things and we were playing like that the whole year, would have been more successful than we are now. but at the same time i really think we're going in the right direction. we have a lot of good pieces here. i don't know. it's just frustrating. >> and, mic, you talk about changes. the flyers go to the offseason without a number one goalie. steve mason is a the free agent. 39th best save percentage in the nhl. interesting comments from the coach when asked about mason. >> he's had a streaky season. you know, he's played well down the stretch for us. that would be my assessment. >> wow. >> sweet and to the point, wasn't it? >> if that was your boss, how would you feel? >> i wouldn't feel very good.
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the word i get is they don't like mason very much. they don't think he's a tough enough competitor. so he's gone. forget about mason coming back. where they're going to get their goalie, i don't know. they're going to have to find somebody as a free agent with promise. >> would you go with stoli the goalie? >> no. there's a higher rate -- they have a higher rated goalie than anthony. he's not a number one goalie. they signed the backup, but have to get a bigger name in goal. >> and remember, they have to expose a guy in the nhl expansion draft. all right. still to come on action news sports sunday, we are not done. how about this? are the eagles potentially able to get one of the best cornerbacks out there? >> do it. >> richard sherman, could he be an eagle? next. >> exclusive accuweather seven day forecast, summer arrives early on monday, a high temperature of 81. passover at sundown. the phills at home at 7:05
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taking on the mets. record high warmth on tuesday. the phillys still at home. the morning shower wednesday, and not as warm. 72 for a high. mostly sunny thursday, 67. action news sports sunday continues after the break. ♪
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action news sports sunday sponsored by audi. challenge all givens. the seattle sea hawks are open to breaking the legion of boom. they are fielding calls for cornerrichard sherman with the most interceptions in the nfl. are you all in? >> i'm definitely all in. we were talking about this on the radio. would you trade a first round pick? number 14 for him. i'm a little leery about that. the seattle seahawk insist, light be able to do it. the eagles are going to draft a rookie who is not going to play
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right away. they're going to insert him into the lineup. takes a couple years for the corner to acclimate to nfl speeds. get him in, one side solved. >> they have had issues with big name corners. he's 29. could be on the other side of his career. finally, the masters. sergio garcia, he's had issues winning these majors. today, not so much. final round of the masters. how about this on 15? gets the eagle, ties with justin rose who can't believe it. and then on 18, mike, garcia for the win. >> pushed it. >> what happened? everyone was shocked. so to a sudden death playoff. garcia finally ends his drought. 71 majors into his career he finally wins one. finally. >> i like it. and i was rooting for him. justin rose already won a major, sergio has not. good for sergio. >> good for sergio. good for mike, good for jeff.
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm melissa magee, tonight on fyi philly. >> it's time to get hopping for the 86th annual easter promenade. >> a flower market! >> we meet a designer creating the eternal spring. >> philadelphia's so-called seafood whisperer has a new home in haddonfield. >> after the meal, we devour hand-crafted desserts >> and we're backstage on broadway family-friendly shows headed to philly. >> hi everyone and welcome to fyi philly! >> we are getting into the spirit of spring with this gorgeous floral wall. >> time to step and repeat >> and time to get hopping! easter's on its way. >> and for philadelphia, there is a long tradition of celebrating. >> we're talking about the easter promenade now in its 86th year. >> so break out those fancy bonnets and sunday best and meet me on south street.


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